Serving @ GKM

What does the Lord require of you?
Micah 6:8 says: “To do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God”.
It is a very simple appeal; to engage and walk amongst God’s people as Jesus once did, showing compassion and kindness.
Serving God fulfills another person’s needs but also enriches our lives in many meaningful ways.
GKMUC is a church of compassion, if you need support or are looking for ways in which you can serve, please stop in, we welcome you.
We have teams to organize, feed, nurture, clean and make music and we serve the wider community through Gordie’s Coffeehouse, House of Hesed, The Salvation Army Friday evening dinners, Winnipeg Harvest, North End Stella Community Ministry, Glenelm lunch program…
Here are some of the teams that look after life @ GKM:
THE RUB & SCRUB GROUP-From far and wide they arrive Tuesday morning for the common task of cleaning. Basement to balcony, the mop, buckets, brooms, dusters, and vacuum cleaners are going full blast. They are about the matter of removing dust and dirt.
BIBLE READERS- Psalm 119: 105 tells us that God’s word is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path. To be a channel for the scriptures, the reader proclaims the Word and the Word speaks to us. Then we apply the message to our daily lives. Readers must understand what they are saying and convey this understanding clearly and expressively.
CARING CONNECTIONS- Caring Connections is slowly taking flight in making connections to those who have been baptised, connecting with new members, and cozy blankets made with loving hands.
“KID ZONE”(Sunday School)- adds a spiritual purpose and meaning to the kids’ lives. The kids enjoy the worship praise time; a time for them to sing and a time to hear the message of the songs from the band members. They return to worship for the Halle, Halle closing.
FELLOWSHIP AND RECREATION COMMITTEE- The FRC host coffee hours once a month from September till June. Other events that are hosted include the Annual General meeting, Fall Supper, June BBQ and the 31st Jolly Holly at Christmas. All money raised at the Jolly Holly has been given to Stella Mission.
MISSION & OUTREACH TEAM- Outreach happens at spring and fall rummage sales, prepare and serve supper for Stella Mission, assisted at Salvation Army suppers, maintained contact with Jackie, the young woman in Uganda for whom GKM supplied funding for anti-retroviral drugs,participated in the church’s spring community cleanup,  Advent Christmas tree: decorated with “Gotchees” which were distributed to a North End resource centre, Tree of Lights($1000.+ raised for Stella Mission),Just Christmas (an alternate shopping event which supports social and economic development).
PASTORAL CARE TEAM- Throughout the year cards are sent to members of the congregation for various occasions. At Easter, we deliver beautiful flower baskets to our members with limited mobility.
At Christmas, greeting cards and gifts of toiletries are delivered as well.
COORDINATING TEAM-This team is the pulse of our administration. CT oversees issues of building and finance, calendar planning and connections with the wider church. It also gives direction and support to our Office Administrator, Angie Schafer, who in turn is the hub of our communications, our webmaster, Powerpoint expert and bulletin producer. CT works alongside Treasurer Edith Chesley to monitor spending, devise budgets and to ensure that GKM continues to have what it needs to live into its vision and mission.
MINISTRY & PERSONNEL (M&P)-M&P is mandated by the United Church of Canada to provide human relations support to all employees of the congregation, including the minister. They meet regularly with staff to discuss how their work is going, to set goals and work on concerns in both directions, from congregation to staff, from staff to leadership and beyond. Occasionally they are called upon to manage conflict. Reporting directly to Coordinating Team, they are a way for all of us to stay accountable to one another in the life and work of GKMUC.
GORDIE’S COFFEEHOUSE- Being a library, art gallery and music hall our wee little coffee house sure has it all! But what makes it so special is all of the passion. And that my friends, never goes out of fashion. PS-We raised $1400. for House of Hesed!!!

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