A truly Christian community is one which provides many opportunities to participate in God’s work for abundant life.
At GKM we believe that everyone has a gift worth sharing. Yours may be teaching 5children or leading others in worship. Someone else might have the ability to provide gifts of money or time.Whatever your gifts, we hope that you experience us as a place that inspires you to reach out in faith in many ways!


The work of building the Kin-dom of God is a labour of love. Sometimes more labour, sometimes more love!
Every Tuesday, a group called “Rub and Scrub” gives of their time to clean the GKM building, top to bottom.
Sundays from October to May we open our “Kids Zone,” a place to learn about God’s love and how to live in that love.
Ministry at Salvation Army
The folks at Gordon King have been blessed with the opportunity to serve our less fortunate neighbours at The Salvation Army. Every other month on a Friday evening, a group meets at GKM and carpools to Weetamah (324 Logan) where we help prepare and serve dinner, and visit with the folks who come in from the inner city community. After clean-up, we gather at a local restaurant for our own time of fellowship together. This ministry of service gives us more than we give! Anyone who wishes to join us are welcome.


Sometimes people are uncomfortable speaking about money in church. We’ve all heard about TV ministries which seem only to be fronts for making a few people rich.
But the fact is, GKM continues to celebrate God’s love Sunday by Sunday and through its various outreach projects as a result of the generosity of past and present givers! The financial gifts shared on Sundays, bequests people leave us, and fundraising events enable ministry in a variety of ways.
You can help by becoming a regular contributor. Ask for envelopes from Edith Chesley, our treasurer.

Even better, give regularly through PAR! “Pre Authorized Remittance” is a way to automate your givings. PAR is a way to make it easy for people to ensure that the congregation has the financial support it needs to participate in God’s work all year round. Click here for more information:

Another way to continue to make GKM a place of hope and service well into the future is through legacy giving. Here’s a link, in case you’d like to learn more:

Mission and Service Fund

M&S Fund

Every week, people at GKM give not only to look after local needs, but also global needs, through gifts to the Mission and Service Fund. M&S is an outreach program run by the United Church of Canada nationally and internationally. It helps congregations and community ministries across the country, as well as working through global partners around the world in areas such as faith, community well-being and development.

House of Hesed
House of Hesed is a beautiful local ministry that is close to our      hearts. It is a home environment for people living with HIV/AIDS. It is a gorgeous old 10 bedroom house and they usually run at capactiy. They are funded only through donations and rely on volunteers for many aspects of daily living. Our Gordie’s end of the year bash is in support of this ministry. Check out their website for how powerfully this home has affected some of the residents lives.

NE Community Ministry

Winnipeg Harvest

GKM Operating Fund




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