Were not 10 healed? (Luke 17:16-17) (art credit: Gary Wilson)

Were not 10 healed?  (Luke 17:16-17) (art credit:  Gary Wilson)

Practicing gratitude is an invitation to grace.

Ever notice that some religious groups (Christian or otherwise) make “right behaviour” necessary in order for God to love us? It’s as though such folk believe they can “make” God save them through their own actions. Or worse, they like to make it seem as though believers are better than everyone else.

And yet…there’s no question that without works, faith is dead (James 2:26). How do we balance these, to have trust in God’s grace but not take it for granted?

I think the key is gratitude. When we accept God’s love as a gift in our lives, gratitude is the most natural and fitting response. Gratitude is the best reason to work in a soup kitchen, to collect money for a relief fund, to lobby government for fair wages for all, etc etc. True Christian gratitude should lead us to hunger after every way we can for others to get a chance to experience God’s love in mind, body and spirit.

Gratitude can and should inspire in us the desire to constantly create opportunities for the experience of grace.

What opportunities for grace might God be shaping from your daily practice of gratitude?

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