The Magic Penny

The Magic Penny

“Love is something if you give it away you just have more and more…”

Remember that old song “Magic Penny?” (Here’s a link to the whole song, just in case you don’t: It’s going to mean a lot less to our kids and grandkids as the penny goes the way of the dodo in Canada, but most of us would agree:

Giving money away does NOT, in fact, cause it to multiply.

Love is like that, though. Just as parents discover that loving their second child just adds to the love they have for their first, the truth is, the more people you love, the more people you can love!

Church communities are exactly the same. Week by week, we gather to remember ourselves as loved by God, and to work for God’s love in the world. Hoarding that experience causes congregations to go the way of second languages we never used after learning them.

Parlez vous Espanol, anyone?

Just like the “magic penny” of the song, sharing God’s love with others feeds our faith and our communities both. But it’s not easy for us to invite people to church, is it? We worry that they might think we’re weird. We worry they might think we’re trying to force our beliefs on them. We really worry that they might reject us.

September 29, Gordon-King is having a party, along with hundreds of other congregations around the world. The party is called “Back to Church Sunday.” It’s a day for you to celebrate what God has given you, by daring to giving it away.

It’s a day to trust that, just like the “magic penny” of the song, God will grow your courage in faith when you reach out to someone else and invite them to worship with you!

Give some thought, this week, to who you might invite for “Back to Church Sunday.” Contemplate the gifts of God you’ve experienced through your faith community and ask God for courage to find others to share those gifts with.

Who knows what “magic” God will work through you?

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