Hungry Days



You that yearn for days of fullness
All around us is our food.
Taste and see the grace eternal.
Taste and see that God is good.
(Sylvia Dunstan, 1990)

Would you count yourself among those who “yearn for days of fullness?”

You’re not alone. Lots of us are in tight times economically. Lots of us are having days where there are far more tasks than time. Lots of us are meeting impossible demands with limited resources.

Hungry days, in other words.

My hungry days of professional and personal disaster came just three years ago this week, when ministry, marriage and money all tanked, within a week or so of each other. Very quickly I found myself empty of hope, shell shocked by one bad turn after another.

With many others in similar times, I found myself saying : “If God is good how come I feel so bad?” or “If God were good, I would never have lost the job/lost my money/lost my marriage…”

But people in my life kept calling me back from despair. They kept putting food on my table (literally and figuratively), but more importantly, they kept me open to the food that was always there for me: grace eternal. Even though sometimes my prayers of thanks were delivered through gritted teeth, just the act of trying to be grateful changed the experience.

Notice, I didn’t say “made it all better.” But even my grudging thanksgivings helped me see what I otherwise would have missed. That there were good things alongside the bad. That God was constantly present working good out of the bad. It helped me get out of myself, let go of the “poor me” and remember the needs of others too.

This year, whether at table with a turkey and fixings, friends and family, or at the feast of God’s love, the Communion table, I hope you are able to accept the gracious invitation: “Taste and see that (even on our hungry days) ” God is good.”

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